Patient Rewards

Start earning points today with the Monacell Orthodontics Rewards App. Our app is free, combining all family reward accounts into one easy smartphone application. Everyone can earn points by providing referrals, scanning at check-ins, or interacting with social media through the app. You only need 30 points to start redeeming for prizes (all of the prizes are listed in the app).You can redeem your points in the office when you’re here for a visit!

Use these links to download the app to your phone or tablet, or you can simply search “Monacell” in the App or Google Play store.

How to Earn Rewards

Rewards for Being a Great Patient

  • Being On Time: 5 Points
  • Good/Excellent Hygiene: 5 Points
  • Nothing loose or broken: 5 Points
  • Good response from rubberbands and/or headgear: 5 Points
  • Attending your Growth & Guidance appointment: 10 Points

Rewards for Using Social Media

  • Facebook Like Post (max 5 per week): 1 Point
  • Facebook Share Post (max 5 per week): 1 Point
  • Facebook Check In: 5 Points
  • Facebook Friend Us (single use): 10 Points
  • Twitter Follow (single use): 10 Points
  • Favorite Tweet (max 5 per week): 1 Point
  • Retweet (max 5 per week): 1 Point
  • Instagram Follow (single use): 10 Points
  • Instagram Like (max 5 per week): 1 Point
  • Google Review (single use): 50 Points
  • Yelp Review (single use): 50 Points

Other Easy Ways to Earn Rewards

  • Signing Up for Rewards: 10 Points
  • Referring a Friend: 300 Points
  • Survey Completion: 15 Points
  • Winning Office Contest: Varies